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April 5, 2018
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April 10, 2018

Al Azhar English Academy

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A Funtastic Way To Learn English

Some people think that learning English is arduous. It takes a long time and is prone to be mundane. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you can learn English in a relaxed ambience, comprehend it well, and – eventually – speak English fluently.

You might think that whether this is possible. Of course, it is. You can reach your ultimate goal of learning English if you learn it properly. Fortunately, it is not a pie in the sky anymore since you can learn English by using fun methods at Al Azhar English Academy. Read on to find what the funtastic things that I experienced when learning English in Al Azhar English Academy.

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The Lessons

There are various programs available for you at Al Azhar. You can choose the one that suits your needs very well. In my case, I took a 2-month package including learning grammar, speaking, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

The class began at 7 am and finished at 5 pm. But it does not mean that I learned English for 10 hours without taking a break. I still had break time. Eventhough I learned English from dawn to dusk, I didn’t feel bored at all since the lessons were explained in fun ways. Therefore, I called it funtastic.

The learning atmosphere was totally different from what I used to have when I was a school student. I didn’t have to sit down and listen to the teachers all the time. In Al Azhar English Academy, I had the opportunity to speak English. I even had to speak English all the time since that was one of the rules. It was great, though. Never had I had an opportunity to speak English confidently all the time before.

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In addition to learning speaking English, I also learned how to pronounce words correctly. Pronunciation is very crucial because if you mispronounced certain words, you can lead to misunderstanding. Therefore, Al Azhar comes up with a brilliant solution – a pronunciation class.

The Tutors

The one that played a very important role was the tutors. Well, yeah, the programs offered by Al Azhar are funtastic, but they still need “captains” that lead the fun, right?

Some tutors were funny and attractive. I mean they made the teaching and learning process become less tense which was good for my friends and me. We felt the relaxed ambience during the class because the tutors were just like my friends.

The tutors of Al Azhar English Academy were not only funny, but also professional. Mr. Aan, for instance, was a grammar expert. He knew all the things about English grammar. I was so amazed by him. Mr. John Digma, the tutor of pronunciation, would be never tired of correcting our pronunciation. And he sounded like an American. That was awesome!

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The Study Club and Other Activities

If you think that learning English in Al Azhar is just about sitting in the classroom while staring at the tutors and the boards, I am sorry to say that you are wrong. There are a number of activities that you can have in Al Azhar including aerobic exercises, outbond, and study club.

Aerobic exercises were our regular activity in Al Azhar. My friends and I gathered in the front yard of Al Azhar and danced to the tune. Well, we didn’t literally dance to the tune, actually, we merely did aerobic exercises.

Another great activity held by Al Azhar English Academy was outbond. We applied the lessons that we got in the classroom while doing various kinds of games that required physical movements. It was such a nice nutrition for both our muscle and brain. We were also asked to work in team. By working in team, we could make some new friends and become more confident.

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And this is my favorite one – the study club. There was a time on which my friends and I gathered in a classroom and immersed ourselves in English. In this study club, we did a breadth of positive activities that brought positive vibes to all the students. We had discussions and debates. I liked the debates because it encouraged me to speak up my mind and, of course, learn English.

Besides having debate and discussion sessions, we also had presentation sessions. We were asked to explain certain grammar lessons. Explaining grammar stuff in front of the class was not a piece of cake. We had to try to comprehend the grammar lessons that we were going to explain. As a result, we could understand how to use grammar in context. It’s a blessing in disguise, right?

The Bonus Point

Well, learning English in Al Azhar is not only about getting new knowledge, but also about making friends. When learning English in Al Azhar, I met many new friends. We were all like family. Some of my friends even found their crush. It’s hilarious, though.

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So, what are you waiting for? Come and join Al Azhar English Academy for funtastic learning experiences. You will be able to improve your English skills and boost your confidence. You can also get new friends and , perhaps, a crush.

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